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Function of Department

The County Attorney is responsible for prosecuting crimes referred by law enforcement agencies, appellate litigation, aiding law enforcement in investigations by providing counsel and/or help in drafting subpoenas or search warrants, and handling both felony and misdemeanors. The County Attorney is also responsible for traffic, and fish and game matters. The office of the County Counselor handles the juvenile, care and treatment and child in need of care matters.

Melissa Schoen

212 S. Kansas Avenue
Norton, KS 67654

Office phone : 
(785) 877-3086

(785) 877-3506

Business Hours: 
Monday- Friday except holidays

County Attorney FAQ

I’ve changed my mind and don’t want to press charges – what do I do?

You need to provide law enforcement with a supplemental report. NOTE: You also need to know it isn’t your decision whether charges get pressed. The final decision rests with the County Attorney's office.

I was issued a speeding ticket, what do I do?

Fill out a diversion application and return that to my office with the $10 application fee. Upon a review of the application and your driving history my office will determine if you are diversion eligible. If you are eligible you will pay your court costs of $108, the fine for the speeding or other traffic infraction and a diversion fee equal to that amount of the speeding/traffic infraction fine. Upon payment in full the matter is dismissed.

County Attorney