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Function of Department

The Norton County District Court is one of six counties within the 17th Judicial District of the Kansas Judicial Branch.  The counties include Decatur, Graham, Norton, Osborne, Phillips and Smith.

District courts are created by the Constitution. They are the trial courts of Kansas, with general original jurisdiction over all civil and criminal cases, including divorce and domestic relations, damage suits, probate and administration of estates, guardianships, conservatorships, care of the mentally ill, juvenile matters, and small claims. It is here that the criminal and civil jury trials are held. Kansas is divided into judicial districts, with varying numbers of judges in each district. There is a district court in each county, and an office of the clerk of the court where cases may be filed.



Janelle K. Morel

(Chief Clerk of District Court)

3rd Floor
105 S. Kansas Avenue
Norton, KS 67654

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 70
Norton, KS 67654

Office phone : 
(785) 877-5720

(785) 877-5722

Business Hours: 
Monday- Friday except holidays

District Court FAQ

Forms for name changes, divorces, expungements etc. are available at The website provides instructions on preparation and filing. Call the Norton County District Court, 785-877-5770, to obtain information on filing fees and fees for service.

In addition Kansas Legal Services provides legal forms at

If you have a neighbor that is bothering you, can you file a petition for protection from abuse to get a restraining order?

Before you can get a Protection from Abuse Order, you and the person you want to have restrained must: Be residing together, or have formerly resided together, or be the parent of or living with a minor child who has suffered abuse by the party you are attempting to restrain. Abuse must have occurred. This means one of the following has occurred: The person has willfully attempted to cause you or a child bodily injury, or willfully or wantonly caused bodily injury, or the person has willfully placed, by physical threat, you or a child, in fear of imminent bodily injury, or the person has engaged in any sexual conduct with a child under 16 years of age

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District Court Personnel

  • Janelle K. Morel-Chief Clerk of District Court
  • Karen Glenn-Trial Court Clerk II
  • Sierra Percival-Trial Court Clerk III


  • Debra S. Anderson-Norton County Magistrate Judge 785-877-5735, fax 785-877-5722
  • Preston A. Pratt-Chief Judge 17th Judicial District 785-877-5770 fax 785-877-5722

Judicial Staff

  • Terrilyn H. Stout-Administrative Assistant 17th Judicial District 785-877-5770 fax 785-877-5722

Court Reporter

  • Susan K. Worcester- Official Court Reporter 785-421-2865 P.O. Box 70, Hill City, KS 67642