Norton County, Kansas
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Duties of the County Clerk

County Clerk

Duties of the County Clerk

Duties of the County Clerk


Keep County Commissioners' official records



Process accounts payable for all county department

Process county payroll and prepare all reports necessary

Duplicate ledgers to the County Treasurer

Maintain duplicate check registers


Maintain personnel files

Collect applications for all county vacancies

Maintain copy of current county policy


Functions of the Department

Functions of the Department

Combine all valuations for each tax district and certify values to each tax district and the state

Assist with preparation of township and cemetery budgets and annual reports

Audit all budgets and file with the state

Compute all tax levies and prepare levy sheets

Prepare real estate, personal property and state assessed tax roll and certify to County Treasurer

Prepare added and abated taxes to original tax statement/tax roll

Prepare Homestead and Food Sales Tax returns

Balance and certify distribution of motor vehicle taxes to County Treasurer

Accumulate and file a bonded indebtedness report of all county tax entities

County Elections Duties

County Elections Duties

Voter registration site

Maintain registration database

Verify registration validity

Generate registration list and reports

Accept filings for public office

Prepare newspaper publications for elections

Assist with selection of election board workers

Prepare ballots

Make available advanced voting for voters

Prepare results and provisional ballots for County Board of Canvassers

Certify election results to the public and Secretary of State

Prepare Certificate of Nomination and Certificate of Election forms

Record all election results in permanent record