Norton County, Kansas
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Solid Waste (Landfill)

Bryan Smith

10545 Road E1
Norton, KS 67654

Office phone : 
(785) 877-5790

Business Hours: 
Monday- Friday except holidays

Function of Department

  • Accept and dispose of demolition waste generated in Norton County
  • Maintain recycling trailers located in each community
  • Help keep the environment safe by complying with state and federal regulations
  • Maintain the Household Hazardous Waste program established in the county


To protect the environment by providing a controlled site to dispose of demolition waste, to encourage wisdom in the use of materials and chemicals in the home and business, and to promote cooperation in education and resource management.

Solid Waste (Landfill)  FAQ

What is the Register of Deeds Office?

The Register of Deeds Office is the county office where all transactions involving real estate are recorded e.g., deeds, mortgage releases, assignments, oil and gas leases, tax liens, etc. These records are open to the public.

What is a deed?

A document that transfers real estate from one party to another.

How do I change the name on my deed?

Once a document has been filed in this office, the document itself will not be changed-in order to transfer property, you will have to have a new deed prepared. To avoid future problems, we recommend that you have a title company or an attorney do this for you.

What if I lose my deed?

Nothing, providing it was filed in this office. For a nominal fee, you will always be able to receive a copy of your deed.

What are the requirements for filing a document?

First of all, a document needs to have original signatures or be certified and properly notarized. The acknowledgement needs to have a State, County, dates, the signatory, signature of notary, seal, and date of expiration. The proper filing fees need to be paid. A deed and affidavit of equitable interest must be accompanied by a Sales Validation Questionnaire, unless states on the face of the deed, it is exempt. Also, needs a Norton COunty legal description, eg. lot, block, addition, or section, township and range. The legal description should come from your deed (not tax statement), or the Appraiser's Office.

My spouse died, how do I change the name on my deed?

If you owned property in joint tenancy, you will need to file a certified copy of the death certificate in the Register of Deeds Office with proper filing fee. This will remove the name of the deceased party from the title of the real estate. A new deed will not be made, but the records will reflect one party is deceased.

How far back do the records go?

The Register of Deeds Office here in Norton County has records that date back to 1874, written in elaborate manuscript.

I cannot find in the Register of Deeds Office, where to next?

Not all records are in teh Register of Deeds Office. The Clerk of the Distict Court has court, probate, divorce records, and marriage licenses. Kansas Department of Vital Statistics has birth and death records. Some birth and death information can be found in the Clerk of the District Court before 1911.

Who is the Register of Deeds?

The Register of Deeds is an elected Official who makes certain that the documents are properly recording according to the laws of the State of Kansas and maintains those records.

May I make my own deed?

Yes, you could, but the Register of Deeds and staff always recommends the retention of an attorney or a title company. The Register of Deeds is a recording agency, and therefore, cannot make out dees or answer questions which pertain to legal matters.

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